A Leap of Faith

Have you ever had a goal that you had worked so hard to achieve and it take up so much of your time for you to then sit back and question why it is so important to you or what made you want to achieve the goal so badly in the first place? Well I have!

For as long as I can remember I always wanted to be a solicitor and I was so close to achieving that goal but then, gradually, I started to realise that it just didn’t feel right any more. I found myself asking why it was so important for me to achieve this goal and the only answer that I could come up with that made me hold on to it was ‘I have worked so hard to get this far and I am so close to finally acheiving this goal I’ve had since I left school at 16’ and now at 25 I kept telling myself that it would all be worth it when I am qualified as a solicitor.

But I just wasn’t happy anymore and I knew that something needed to change, I just didn’t realise it was this goal, this goal that I had been working towards for 9 years, all of my adult life, that was holding me back.  I’m sure you can imagine that when I realised this it scared the crap out of me, this is all I had ever known. How could I give up now when I was so close? I had always considered myself so lucky because I had always known the direction that my life was going in and whenever I would meet someone that didn’t know what they wanted to do with their life I just didn’t get it. How could anyone go through life like that not knowing what comes next? How could people be happy without knowing what they wanted to achieve or aim for in life? But the truth is, they were the lucky ones because they could take things as they came and be free to make decisions as they were faced with them, whereas me, I had always made decisions around my career path that I had chosen.

I don’t regret making those choices at all because they all led me to where I am right now. I have picked up loads of different skills along the way, I have a job that I love working with amazing people (still within the legal sector) and it never hurt anyone to have a Law degree under their belt. So now I will tell you how I come to the decision of becoming a Life Coach!

Let me start with when I started my current job. I have been at my current job for just over a year now. I work for a law firm but I don’t do any legal work. In fact, I am part of the R&D team. It is something completely different to what I had done before and I have learned so many invaluable skills – IT skills, management skills and implementation skills. Skills that are transferable across all sectors. I fell in love with my job, I love that every day is completely different and I get to be creative too. My job made me realise that I am good at different things and I don’t want to limit myself to Law.  It was a few months in that I started to question my career path but still being within a legal environment and watching my friends at work get training contracts I found it really hard to admit to myself that I didn’t want to be a solicitor anymore. I couldn’t accept that that was ok. So I pushed it to the back of my mind and when introducing myself to visitors at work I would find myself saying ‘I want to be a solicitor but I love working on the R&D team so when I qualify then I will see what career path I want to take’.  What? How does that make any sense? Why would I waste so much time and money and put that kind of pressure on myself if I don’t actually want to have a career as a solicitor?  Now I know what I know now this seems so silly to me! You’re probably sat here reading this thinking ‘How does this fit with Life Coaching if you still want to work on the R&D team?’.

Well, you know when I said before that I never understood how people didn’t know what they wanted to do with their life? I am always the person at the party preaching to people ‘you can do whatever you set your mind to’ trying to get people to set goals for themselves and go after whatever they want to achieve in life. My cousins don’t hear the last of it from me. One of my cousins even had a joke that if I didn’t want to become a solicitor so bad I should be a Life Coach! After all, one of my reasons for first wanting to become a solicitor was to help people. I can’t think of a better way to help people than helping them realise their own potential and helping them achieve everything they want from life. So I was sat at home one evening unwell feeling sorry for myself and I was watching Tony Robbins on YouTube. For some reason I decided to google ‘Life Coach Courses’. The first result that come up was ‘2 day free Coaching Course at The Coaching Academy’. FREE? I couldn’t believe it! So I signed up and I got accepted to go along to the 2 day course in Manchester.

So off I went to Manchester for the first day, a little bit nervous not knowing what to expect but I loved every second of it. I got to coach people and be coached in return and I met some amazing people. It was so refreshing to be alongside like minded people and at the end of the two days I so wasn’t ready to go back to work, back to reality. It changed my whole perspective on life and give me back the motivation and excitement for life that I once had. I felt invincible. I had found my passion again and it was for coaching.

On the train home on the first day of the course I got out my notebook and just started to write. I had so many ideas for life coaching like they had been there all along, just waiting for me to find them. But most importantly I did an exercise that made me realise that it was ok to not want to be a solicitor anymore and I was finally ok with that. When I finally admitted that to myself it was like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I felt free again!  It felt amazing! I just couldn’t wait to get home and tell my mum about my new plan, and even though I had put so much time, money and hard work into becoming a solicitor and that she was so proud of me for taking that path she was just happy for me. Happy to see me happy and excited about something again!

So now I have a new plan! I still love my current job and there is real potential for career progression within the R&D team so I am not planning on giving that up any time soon. I am starting a Personal Development Coaching course soon to get my Life Coaching career started and once I qualify I plan on doing coaching part time to build up my coaching business. I already have so many great ideas for my coaching business and I just can’t wait to get started!

We always set goals and put so much time and energy into them that sometimes we forget why we are working so hard to achieve them. Goals sometimes change and that’s ok! People might think that I have given up and thrown away so much but I’m just getting started and can’t wait to start building my new career! I am afraid but I know that if I wasn’t then my goal isn’t big enough! Dare to dream big!

I will be posting about all of my coaching trial and tribulations along the way and sharing with you some of life’s secrets that I come across!

I hope you enjoy following me on my journey!



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